Tony Reyes Fishing Trip Report May 24th, 2009

June 3, 2009 – 12:25 pm

This report was submitted by Roger a long time fisherman  and charter master on the Tony Reyes Fishing Tours.

We left the harbor in San Felipe Sunday around noon and traveled south all day and night arriving at Snake Island Monday morning at 5A/M. We boarded the pangas in search of yellowtail and yellowtail we found! Throughout the morning and afternoon happy fisherman found yellowtail on the surface in the 18-24 lb range. After cocktails and “fresh” yellowtail sashimi, we pulled anchor and headed farther south toward San Estaban in search of cabrilla. On Tuesday some limits of cabrilla and more yellowtail were taken on both blue and white DX jigs, green and yellow 6X Jr. and orange or pink mirror lures trolled. The jack pot ended up in a 3-way tie between Clark Valentine, Dennis Cole and Dave Massa each with a 20 lb. yellowtail. Wednesday found the “Tony Reyes” back at Snake Island with more excellent yellowtail action. Many fish were caught on the surface with light jigs, but Mitch Forward found a 38 lb. lunker on the bottom using a blue and white 6X Jr. to take the jackpot for Wednesday. After several cold beverages of choice and more fresh sashimi that evening, we pulled anchor and headed to the north eastern tip of La Guardia Island and beautiful Refugio Bay. We enjoyed wonderful weather, scenic shorelines as well as a steady cabrilla and yellowtail bite. Dave Massa took the jackpot with a nice 15 lb. cabrilla. Thursday afternoon we travelled to Gonzaga Bay on the Baja shoreline. We enjoyed another spectacular evening with cocktails, laughter and yes, more fresh sashimi!

We were able to make some bait that evening but the going was pretty tough. After a short trip later that evening to the Enchanted Islands, we loaded our gear into the pangas Friday morning for one last chance at a big one. Rodger Busch had a wonderful birthday present as he hauled in a 16 lb. Cabrilla to take the last jackpot of the trip. Wow, what a spectacular week! We thank our creator for the Sea of Cortez and the opportunity we had to enjoy it all. This is truly a wonderful place! A special thanks to Tony and all of the crew for making this trip so enjoyable. Once again the service was outstanding! We had excellent weather, no wind and outstanding fishing with limits for all on both cabrilla and yellowtail! May 2010 cannot come soon enough!! 1, 2, 3 FISH!

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