Tony Reyes Fishing Report May 1st – May 6th

May 9, 2011 – 10:43 am

The first Tony Reyes trip has returned and the boat will run through November. The water was a little cold and there was some wind the first few days. The boat was chartered was by the amazing radio personality Rick Maxa from the “Let’s Talk Hook Up” radio show.

I don’t have exact counts yet but I have a general report for you guys. They caught yellowtail from the 10 – 20 pound range. Large and medium cabrilla were wrestled in as well. They were able to catch some medium sized white sea bass, I wonder if they fished The Golden Reef for those. Spotted bass and pargo were also landed during the trip.

There was an abundance of small bait in the water but they were unable to catch any to use as bait. Tony expects the next trip to be better as the water warms up and live bait becomes more available. Bring some frozen squid down with you on the trip, it works wonders on the bottom.

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  2. We had a great trip. The weather was perfect, the food was very good, the experience was memorable. As was mentioned above, we had some very strong wind for the first 2 days but we still fished. Fish were caught on every trip, morning and afternoon. The pangueros tried very hard to look for fish even though the water was cold.I took some great pictures of wild life at all of the islands.
    Each of my friends and I came home with yellowtail, cabrilla, spotted bass, pargo, Sierra, white fish and some other misc. Fish. The deckhands vacuum packed our fish. It was still frozen when we arrived in San Diego the following day.
    We are planning our trip for next year.

    By Pepe on May 16, 2011

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