Tony Reyes Boat Trip Report and Fish Count June 27, 2010

July 9, 2010 – 4:30 pm

The Tony Reyes returned from another great trip to the Midriff Islands. The weather was perfect and that has a way of calming ones soul out there on The Sea of Cortez.

Fishing Snake Island, San Francisquito Bay, Partido Island, San Lorenzo and Enchanted Islands produced yellowtail up to 31 pounds. They also had some of the funnest fishing on the planet with cabrilla, pargo, white sea bass, spotted bass and the other incredible fish The Tony Reyes seems to get into.

They fished mainly with Salas 6X, 6XJr and DX jigs in the usual colors, blue/white, green/yellow,scrambled egg and one of my favorite colors, glow white. Some spots they would pull up to and fish cut bait off the bottom and its so much fun because you never know what you will catch! They trolled for awhile using Mirrolures and man they work so well down there. Hot pink, purple, green mackerel and the red and white are very effective on Tony trips.

Making bait, live mackeral, was a little tough but the Humboldt squid are around and my goodness they are a blast to fish! They are monsterous 25+ pound giant squid that come up spraying geysers of water from their siphon and squirting ink all over the deck and other anglers, its a complete hoot!

If you going on one of these trips bring plenty of jigs, the ones I listed above and some chrome ones if you have them. Bring different sizes from the smaller flat DX size up to big jigs that you can yo-yo off the bottom. Remember to bring trolling lures, big mirrolure types work the best, even big rapala lures would work. Also bring hooks for live and cut bait, squid jigs and sinkers. Bring 12-16oz sinkers and a few bigger ones for fishing white sea bass and grouper deep on the golden reef. Most of all, have fun!!

The Charter master was the incredible Pat Riegle!

Fish Count Weight LB.
Cabrilla 146 4-14lb
Amber Jack 5 21lb
Miscellaneous 100 C&Released
Squid 36 25lb
Yellowtail 398 10-31lb
Sheephead 6 8lb
Spotted Bass 551 6lb
Grouper 2 33lb
Broom Tail Grouper 1 12lb
White Sea Bass 36 16lb
Halibut 1 10lb
Pargos 17 6-12lb
White Fish 17 6lb

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