Tony Reyes Boat Fish Count and Trip Report May 16th, 2010

May 24, 2010 – 3:59 pm

The fishing on the Tony Reyes trips are heating up quickly this year and I love to see that! I am so happy for the anglers when they catch fish and have a great time. There is something about catching fast moving elusive game fish in a panga that is just so much fun. You are sort of competing with the other pangas to out fish them. Not an upright challenge, you know what I mean, just for fun. When you get into a huge bite and they see you catching fish from far away and they try to reach you and get into the bite with you, the fish are sometimes gone before they arrive, and you are just fine with that, ha! 

Anyways, the May 16th trip on the Tony Reyes did well. The weather was great and had no problems with wind, rain or any of that. Areas fished include San Esteban Island, San Francisquito, Salsipuedes Island and La Guardia Island. The hit Refugio as well but said it was slow there so they moved on. Black sea bass and grouper were caught at La Guardia on cut squid for bait. They hooked a few bigger fish that escaped back down to the bottom. Yellowtail were biting at most locations on jigs, blue and white, scrambled egg, blue mackerel, lazer eyes and others. Bigger cabrilla were also starting to show up and that is a great sign of things to come. Those little fish are amazing. I cant tell you how many times a 7 or 8 pound cabrilla took my bait, bent my rod completely over and got away. They fight like fish 10 times their size, truly a fun fish to try and catch. 

 Make sure and stock up on Mirrolures for trolling and plenty of Salas Jigs for casting and yo-yoing. I love the minds of our dear pangeros and anglers. Catching and releasing over 100 fish on this trip. I have always felt that we have a keen awareness of our role in preserving The Sea of Cortez and I have never been disappointed by Tony Reyes or The Longfin in this matter. We have to preserve it for our kids after all.. 

I have an update 5/27/2010 on this trip. Mr Verone T. of La Quinta, California made a very catch.  The bright beautiful fish is a 22 inch rare Chino Mero. I have never seen one and I am so thankful for Verone sending it in, thank you. He also caught a 36 pound Humboldt squid which is a very nice squid. Those are so much fun to fish, just exhilarating. Anyways, here’s that Chino Mero for you guys. 

Chino Mero caught by Verone T.

A beautiful and rare Chino Mero caught by Verone T.

Charter master was the amazing Jerry LeCompte

Fish Count Weight LB.
Cabrilla 58 4-12lb
Miscellaneous 100 C & Released
Squid 50 18-36lb
Yellowtail 228 10-30lb
Sheephead 13 Varies
Spotted Bass Limits Varies
Shark 11 Varies
White Sea Bass 1 41lbs
Black Sea Bass 4 To 75lb
Pargos 2 6lb
Corvina 23 Varies
White Fish 56 Varies

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