Servus Xtratuf Boots

December 9, 2008 – 9:39 pm

These Servus Xtratuff deck boots work so well on slippery boat decks and are widely trusted by fishermen everywhere. They are 12″ tall, brown and I like them a little bit bigger so that I can get in and out of them quickly when I am on the boats. They are flexible, hand layered constructed of seamless boot shells. Shells are triple dipped in liquid neoprene latex for extra watertight protection against acids, corrosives and contaminants. Immersed in a special sealant for the XTRATUF “total protection shield”. Cork-cushioned insoles for lightweight shock absorption and comfort. Slip-resistant Chevron outsoles with flat, surface-to-surface treads. 100% waterproof. I highly recommend these boots and more information and ordering details can be found here Xtratuff Deck Boots

There are also breath o prene boot inserts that go with them here Xtratuff Boot Inserts

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  2. These boots really are great for fishing. They keep your feet dry and are very non slip.

    By Jack on Dec 13, 2008

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