Reliable Fishing Kill Bags Review

March 21, 2009 – 1:25 pm

I know the owner of this company and he is driven and passionate about his fishing kill bags and the quality and standards that he demands is very impressive. 

 Reliable Fishing Kill Bags come in 8 different sizes so there is one for your fishing application if it is freshwater Steelhead fishing all the way up to blue water big tuna fishing. Each size has a 12″ gusset at the bottom which makes it stand apart from other fish kill bags. Bags that don’t have that 12″ gusset are like an envelope wheres Reliable’s fish kill bag is like a purse and there is much more storage area due to that 12″ difference on the bottom. Each bag has a drain spout and is made with U.V. and mildew resistant thread. These bags are perfectly suited for the outdoors and for storing fresh fish or anything that needs to be kept cold, out of the way and protected. Some kill bags are 3″ thick and they try to make fishermen think that they work better due to their thickness, but 1/2″ of super dense foam from the Reliable fish bag does the same thing as 3″ of looser more flexible foam and the 3″ foam is very difficult to stow when not in use.

I highly recommend these Reliable Fishing Kill Bags as they are made expertly and are perfect for any boat or shore fishing application. These guys at Reliable did their homework and these fish kill bags are the ones you want if you are going to invest in them at all.

You can find more information on these bags here: Reliable Fishing Kill Bags

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