Maps of San Felipe

May 25, 2010 – 10:55 am

Getting to San Felipe from America is easier than you might think. Take your passport with you and shouldnt have any problems crossing the border either way. Make sure you NEVER bring drugs or guns to Mexico. Even if its a shark gun or a bang stick that you keep on your boat, leave it in America. They are not lenient with firearms of any kind nor drugs.

San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja Ca.

 This second map is a reworked map courtesy of Alan Smith, Sacramento. I took it from the San Felipe Mexico websitethat is a valuable resource. The people that take care of that site do an amazing jog. Here is the link

San Felipe

San Felipe Street Map

 The next map was taken from the amazing San Felipe MX site. It is broader map all the way down to Puertecitos.

Map of San Felipe to Puertecitos

Map of San Felipe to Puertecitos


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    need to know the cost per person for fishing trip, and availability date’s after september 2010.

    By jerry on Aug 31, 2010

  3. Absolutely, you can find all of that at
    There is cost, availability and trip dates.

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