Irvine Lake Christmas Trout Tournament

December 3, 2008 – 6:12 pm

I love Irvine Lake. My dad used to take me there when I was young and I have great memories of fishing Irvine growing up and through high school and beyond. One of Irvine Lakes greatest strengths is its setting. Tucked back away in the local hills surrounded by trees and wildlife, Irvine really makes me believe I have gotten away for the day but without the long drive. They have been in the fishing business for a very long time and they stock the lake well and some days fishing there are so epic you lose count of how many fish you caught. I saw they were doing this Christmas tournament and I wanted to post the link so you guys can see it. You can find it here –> Irvine Lake Christmas Trout Tournament. If you need fishing gear for your trip you can stop by┬áThe Longfin, its on the way up the hill and they have all the trout fishing tackle you could ever want.

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  2. I love trout fishing up at Irvine Lake, I usually do pretty good with chartreuse and rainbow powerbait. Sometimes I used inflated night crawlers.

    By Harry on Dec 4, 2008

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