Clearance Xtratuf Deck Boots B101

January 31, 2009 – 10:57 am

We went to the Big Rock Sports Dealer Show in Las Vegas and we bought a ton of these Xtratuf  B101 Deck Boots and we are passing the savings to you, our online customers.

There are a few differences in these boots when compared to our other Xtratuf Boots. First these B101 boots are blue instead of brown like our other boots. Also the bottom tread is different and it looks to me like they would be very good for wet slippery boat decks as they are flat and have a lot of surface area on them. The brown Xtratuf boots have a heel whereas the Blue B101 deck boots do not. I felt inside the B101 boots and it was lacking arch support, not entirely, but it does feel flat in there. Servus Xtratuf does make a specialty breath o prene boot insert that fits nicely in their boots and provides an arch as well as general comfort and support. I think these boots are a steal for the price as Xtratuf makes quality boots, they specialize in it. The price of $29.95 is for our online customers only and their is a limit of 2 per customer and please no dealers. We don’ t want to just get rid of these Xtratuf B101 boots but we want our online customers to buy and use them because they are a great product at an unbeatable price, shop around you will see.

For additional information and how to order please visit: Clearance Servus Xtratuf B101 Deck Boots at The Longfin

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