Bass Fishing and the Weather

December 3, 2008 – 2:19 pm

My fishing buddy Jacob who I consider an excellent fisherman was talking to me about fishing Southern California bass. Jacob always outfishes me 3 to 1 and has been fishing since he could walk and has a passion for bass fishing. He mentioned that when the weather is unstable, hot then cold then warm followed by Santa Ana winds, then the bass fishing is more difficult. Point and case, he went fishing yesterday to Silverwood Lake that is usually decent bass fishing and all he caught was a good ole catfish. The water temperature was 56 degrees and the lake is algae blooming or “turning over” and that attributed to the bad fishing he thinks. The good thing about the lake turning over is the fishing usually picks up after. A few people on shore were catching trout but overall it was a slow day .The weather has been unstable and is just now staying cold outside. I just thought it was interesting as I never think a long those lines, but he is always thinking like a fish and I suppose that is why he is so successful at fishing.

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  2. I agree, the only problem is when I want to go fishing and weather is unstable I go anyways! :)

    By Derek on Dec 3, 2008

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