Aftco Guy Harvey Clothing

January 19, 2009 – 1:32 pm

Aftco Guy Harvey clothing has made such an impact on fisherman’s wardrobes everywhere! Guy Harvey has been getting fishermen to dress nicely for years now. They think they are sporting their favorite fish on a shirt and they are, but they are looking so good doing it! I am always excited when Aftco Guy Harvey comes out with new shirts because Guy Harvey has his fingeron the pulse of fishing apparels heartbeat and he nails it with his art. Aftco recently added Al Agnew clothing to their lineup and it was a brilliant idea as like Guy Harvey, Al is an amazing artist. Both Guy Harvey and Al Agnew have a deep love for fishing which brings their clothing to a level that is unmatched in beauty and style and their clothing is all top quality and comfortable. Aftco makes great fishing shorts, foul weather gear, shirts of all kinds and even footwear and they have such a great selection to choose from. I will keep you updated on Guy Harvey and Al Agnew new arrivals to The Longfin. You can see what Aftco clothing we have and how to order here: Aftco Guy¬†Harvey and Al Agnew¬†Clothing.

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