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Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono Leader Coils

CODE: 06140

Price: $11.99

The Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono Leader Coils is the Big Game reliability in convenient leader wheels and coils. Big Game Leaders deliver extreme shock strength, excellent abrasion-resistance, and high knot strength.

Model No. Desc.  
BGLC100-15 110 Yd. Clear 100 Lb. Test  
BGLC130-15 110 Yd. Clear 130 Lb. Test  
BGLC150-15 110 Yd. Clear 150 Lb. Test  
BGLC200-15 110 Yd. Clear 200 Lb. Test  
BGLC250-15 110 Yd. Clear 250 Lb. Test  
BGLC300-15 110 Yd. Clear 300 Lb. Test  
BGLC400-15 110 Yd. Clear 400 Lb. Test