Berkley Glitter Trout Bait


It is the glitter in Berkley's Glitter Trout Bait that catches lights and trout. Floating Trout Bait disperses advanced scent and flavor enhancers with bright sparkling glitter to reflect light, increase visibility, and trigger more strikes.

Model No. Swatch Desc. Weight
STBGCA Capt. America R/W/B 1.75 oz.
STBGC Chartreuse 1.75 oz.  
STBGFO Fluorescent Orange 1.75 oz.  
STBGFR Fluorescent Red 1.75 oz.  
STBGP Pink 1.75 oz.  
STBGRB Rainbow 1.75 oz.  
STBGSB Sherbet 1.75 oz.  
STBGSG Spring Green 1.75 oz.  
STBGW White 1.75 oz.  
STBGY Yellow 1.75 oz.