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Berkley 3" Gulp Saltwater Shrimp

CODE: 06711

Price: $6.99

The Berkley 3" Gulp Saltwater Shrimp is a very effective bait that has proven itself in the water. Due to it's incredible catch rate, the Berkley 3" Gulp Saltwater Shrimp has become a highly sought after bait by Saltwater Fishermen all around the world. If you are already a believer and are coming back for more, you might also look at our new 2nd generation of Gulp products called Gulp Alive.

Berkley® 3" Gulp!® Saltwater ShrimpMolting

Berkley® 3" Gulp!® Saltwater ShrimpNatural Shrimp

Berkley® 3" Gulp!® Saltwater ShrimpNew Penny

Berkley® 3" Gulp!® Saltwater ShrimpNuclear Chicken (Glow)

Pearl White

Root Beer Gold

 Berkley® 4" Gulp!® Saltwater ShrimpGrassy Green