PowerBait Glitter Chroma-Glow Dough has EXTRA scent. EXTRA flavor enhancers. And it has built-in glitter to create a visible sparkle trail behind the bait. The glitter reflects light to attract more fish. You've never seen dough like this before!


This is the widely used Gulp Powerbait that so many fishermen rely on.


This Berkley natural power bait works so well for trout and is a must for freshwater anglers.



These Braid Fish'N Wipes are a great way to get foreign scents off your hands and baits before they go into the water.


This Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust is so popular because it crushes the trout! Its basically the crushed up food that you would feed hatchery trout, farm raised...


The Berkley Biodegradable Trout Bait is moldable and easy to use. Floating, biodegradable formula enhances dispersion of scent and flavor to attract trout from a long range. 92% biodegradable, 8% nondegradable microscopic spheres, formed from natural silica.


Berkley Catfish Bait Chunks are proven effective on big cats. Tests show that PowerBait® catches 25 percent more catfish than other brands. Preformed chunks make rigging quick and easy. Fortified with potent scent and flavor ingredients that are effective on a variety of catfish species.


It is the glitter in Berkley's Glitter Trout Bait that catches lights and trout. Floating Trout Bait disperses advanced scent and flavor enhancers with bright sparkling glitter to reflect light, increase visibility, and trigger more strikes.


These Power eggs float and get your bait where the fish are.


The Berkley Trout Bait Twist is the bait with something extra. Bright, attractive colors swirled together with a sprinkling of dazzling silver fleck├╣to mimic the baitfish that trout love.


The Berkley Turbo Dough Trout Bait is 42 percent stronger than regular Trout Bait. Continuing research has led to better formulas that are guaranteed to help you catch more trout.