Attractants and Scents

Berkley Gulp Alive Attractant makes any bait smell and taste alive!

These Braid Fish'N Wipes are a great way to get foreign scents off your hands and baits before they go into the water.

This Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust is so popular because it crushes the trout! Its basically the crushed up food that you would feed hatchery trout, farm raised...

Uni Butter is an amazing attractant made by Uni-Goop and it is a fish bait that will wow you. We sell quite a lot of this uni-butter attractant and for...

Entice fish to strike in fresh or salt water!


Excellent fishing scents that fish cannot resist.


The Berkley PowerBait Attractant 2 Oz. Plastic Bottle increases any bait's fishcatching power. Exclusive liquid scent and flavor formula creates a trail to attract fish. Handy squeeze bottle is fast, neat, and easy.