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Attractants and Scents

CODE: 51674

Berkley Gulp Alive Attractant makes any bait smell and taste alive!
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CODE: 54673

These Braid Fish'N Wipes are a great way to get foreign scents off your hands and baits before they go into the water.
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Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust

CODE: 60222

This Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust is so popular because it crushes the trout! Its basically the crushed up food that you would feed...
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Uni Butter

CODE: 54426

Uni Butter is an amazing attractant made by Uni-Goop and it is a fish bait that will wow you. We sell quite a lot of this uni-butter...
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CODE: 22719

Entice fish to strike in fresh or salt water!
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CODE: 22700

Catch more fish!
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Bass Assassin Bang Formula - 5 oz.

CODE: 28631

Excellent fishing scents that fish cannot resist.
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  • 5-Craw/Shad Combo 
  • 5-Crawfish 
  • 5-Garlic 
  • 5-Shad 

CODE: 03396

The Berkley PowerBait Attractant 2 Oz. Plastic Bottle increases any bait's fishcatching power. Exclusive liquid scent and flavor formula...
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Pro Cure Bait Injector System

CODE: 16646

Model: BT-BIN
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