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Ande Premium Monofilament - 1/4 Spool (Pink)

CODE: 22092

Price: $12.99

All the products within the Premium grade have excellent tensile and knot strength and are all very abrasion resistant.

  • A14-12P - 12Lb 1000Yds Pink 1/4Lb
  • A14-15P - 15Lb 750Yds Pink 1/4Lb
  • A14-20P - 20Lb 600Yds Pink 1/4Lb
  • A14-25P - 25Lb 500Yds Pink 1/4Lb
  • A14-30P - 30Lb 400Yds Pink 1/4Lb
  • A14-40P - 40Lb 350Yds Pink 1/4Lb