AFTCO Gold Finger Kite Release Clip Kit

AFTCO Kite Clips

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AFTCO Kite Clip Kit includes the setup to fish one or two baits off a single kite.  11 piece kit includes 2 pre drilled AFTCO Gold Finger Kite Release Clips, 5 Kite Hooks for proper line alignment, 3 sized black barrel swivels, and one heavy duty coastlock snap.  A unique feature of the AFTCO Gold Finger release clip is that they can be fitted to the kite line after the kite is deployed. KCK-1

AFTCO Kite Clip Single Clip and 5 Kite Hooks- KC-1

Please contact for any questions in setting up your kite or kite line.

Kite Fishing Rigging

Description Price Quantity
AFTCO Kite Release Clip Kit KCK-1 $33.99
AFTCO Single Kite Release Clip KC-1 $16.99
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