Aftco Fighting Belt

Aftco Fighting Belt


The Aftco fighting belt's padding is made to resist slipping, you can even change the gimbal pin from veritcal to horizontal or remove it completely. The Aftco Fighting Belt comes in three sizes, designed for different fish fighting techniques.

The Aftco Fish Fighting Belt is a truly well built piece of gear as these Aftco fighting belts will relieve so much pressure the fish puts on you and puts it back on the fish where it belongs. This is a very solid piece of gear that is set up to quickly get in and out of it.

Aftco Fighting Belts, with their advanced designs and materials, offer the ultimate in comfort and quality construction in fishing belts designed for stand up fishing. Their super-thick, closed-cell EVA foam back pads are engineered to maximize both comfort and leverage in a fighting belt. Co-molded to the foam back pads are heavy-duty, yet lightweight gold-anodized, stamped aluminum front plates. Super durable, they feature posts at each side that accept unique Quick Clips, which snap the belt straps (or optional drop straps) in place for quickly getting into or out of the fighting belt. The belts also feature super strong, molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pockets which are engineered to quickly guide rod butts into an optimum fish-fighting position. The gimbal pocket's stainless steel pin is adjustable for horizontal or vertical orientation on the Clarion and Socorro fishing belts.

  • Alijos Fighting Belt - PART # BELT3 - 20-lb. to 50-lb. Tackle

  • Socorro Fighting Belt - PART # BELT2 - 50-lb. to 80-lb. Tackle

  • Clarion Fighting Belt - PART # BELT1 - 80-lb. To Unlimited Tackle