Accurate Twin Spin Reels

Accurate Twin Spin Reels

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Accurate Twin Spin Spinning Reels

Using TwinDrag™ technology, Accurate has created the SR line of reels with TwinSpin™. The SR reel is the world’s only true TwinDrag™ spinning reel designed for super heavy-duty angling performance. Machined from the same high-grade materials as other Accurate reels, the SR has the strength and heat-dissipating qualities to beat big, powerful fish like marlin, tuna and wahoo that you otherwise wouldn’t think to challenge with a spinning reel.

Other features to maximize leverage, include a power handle, a unique adjustable pre-set knob on the front of the spool to precisely control drag tension, and a rugged, manual bail mechanism for picking up line. Available in a 6:1 high-speed retrieve ratio, the SR-30 lays more than 50 inches of line on the reel spool with every full revolution of the reel’s handle (also available in a 4:1 higher torque ratio). A series of circular, machined holes around the skirted spool serves to reduce heat buildup, and helps trim the reel’s weight. The SR-30 & SR-12, with a smaller profile, are now both available.

Accurate Twin Spin Spinning Reel Model Price Quantity
Accurate Twin Spin SR-6 $599.00
Accurate Twin Spin SR-12 $779.00
Accurate Twin Spin SR-20 $819.00
Accurate Twin Spin SR-30 $919.00
Accurate Twin Spin SR-30L(Low Speed) $919.00
Accurate Twin Spin SR-50 $1,025.00
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