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2014 Sport Fishing Calendar

2014 Sport Fishing Calendar

CODE: 51915

Price: $11.99

This will look great hanging on your wall, the pictures inside are worth the 12 bucks, its that good!

Bill Roecker’s new 2014 Sportfishing Calendar raises the bar! The Year of the Bluefin in 2013 provided some of the super photos, when the highly desired shortfin staged a bite that went from May deep into autumn, busting the records. Dates for the southern California fishing community, like the Fred Hall Fishing Shows, are right in front of you.

Enjoy vivid shots of wahoo, dorado, yellowtail, cow tuna, sailfish, bluefin, calico bass, halibut, grouper and even the rare leather bass show off each month, and copyrighted Tidelines that offer state of the tide at any given moment. Riveting panoramics, hook knots, additional sharp photos and long range boat schedules are a bonus. Holidays, moon phases and kids fish free days are marked, like Day at the Docks.