2015 Sport Fishing Calendar

2015 Sport Fishing Calendar




This will look great hanging on your wall, the pictures inside are worth the 12 bucks, its that good!

Last year's calendar set a high mark, but this year's 2015 Sportfishing Calendar jacks it up to the top notch! Here's where you'll see a close-up of the fastest, meanest and prettiest fish in the Pacific, and learn a bit about how to catch 'em. The Fred Hall Shows, Day At The Docks, Kids Fish Free times, holidays, moon phases and all the other important southland dates are marked for you.

Incredible shots of wahoo, dorado, lunker yellowtail, cow tuna, roosterfish and whopper halibut show off each month, while the grid below sports blue waveforms of copyrighted Tidelines, offering state-of-the-tide at any given moment. Startling panoramic photos, diagramed hook knots, sharp bonus pictures and long range boat schedules are right in front of you. Holidays, moon phases and kids fish free days are marked, like Day at the Docks. Get your 2015 Sportfishing Calendar soon, from FishingVideos.com or your favorite saltwater tackle store!

Bill Roecker